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Commercial and Industrial Services

AJW Electrical provide electrical requirements to schools, retail outlets and commercial offices. We will provide you with all the support and guidance you need to ensure you meet all regulations..

• Lighting Designs

Do you provide a working environment for employees or members of the public to work in front of computer screens? If you do there are regulations on the standard of lighting provide for those users. If you are unsure on the regulations or just want advice on how rooms can be lit we will provide this service.

• Emergency Lighting

Installation, inspection and maintainance of emergency lighting. Lighting is required during a power failure to provide emergency lighting.

• 3 Phase Installation Maintenance and Repair

Provide a serice to install maintain and repair 3 phase heavy duty equipment.

• Safety Certification

AJW provide a service to fully certificate your business premises. This will cover all electrical installations within you building and provide written certification for EU regulations.

• 24 Hour Breakdown Service

If you have electrical appliances that have a critical function (Fridges / Freezers etc.) We provide a 24 Hour call out service to assist.


We are available for Emergency call out 24/7

email us: enquires@ajw-electrical.co.uk

call us: 02392 366119